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Inés Marcos, Law Degree from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2006, member of the Bar Associations of León and Lugo.

Highly specialized in Criminal and Civil Law, with an extensive experience in the Courts and Tribunals of the Spanish geography, advising, accompanying and defending their clients, in any area or crime included in the Criminal and Civil Code, both as defense of the investigated, as prosecution when defending the interests of who has been the victim of a crime or an offence.

What we offer

The Criminal and Civil Lawyer in Lugo Inés Marcos, offers a deep and specialized knowledge of the Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction being our mission the total acquittal of the client who is defended, advising from the statement as investigated, which is the first situation faced by those who have been cited in such capacity, as the complete processing of the procedure, Oral Trial, Appeal and even the filing of the Appeal before the Supreme Court.

We cannot forget, realistically, that a sentence of imprisonment may be passed, in which case the total priority of this office is to obtain the suspension of the prison sentence, that is, freedom, even in the case that our client has a criminal or civil record.

Exercise Areas

The area of specialization of this firm is Criminal and Civil Law in Lugo, both as defense of the investigated, as well as prosecution when defending the interests of those who have been victims of a crime or an illicit act.

* Fraud, misappropriation and disloyal administration offenses

* Drug cultivation, processing and trafficking offences

* Crimes of punishable insolvency and asset stripping

* Theft and robbery offenses.

* Damage offenses

* Injury offenses

* Homicide offenses

* Threats and coercion offenses

* Crimes against sexual liberty and indemnity

* Crime of non-payment of alimony

* Crimes against road safety.

* Crime of domestic violence.


This Criminal & Civil Law Firm in Lugo considers that, in a Jurisdiction such as Criminal and Civil, due to the sensitivity of the issues to be dealt with and the trust and sincerity that must govern the relationship between lawyer and client from the first moment, personal contact is essential, for this reason we do not attend telephone or email consultations, we only attend face-to-face consultation, by appointment, being the contact details.

Phone: 661374099
Address: Avenida de Madrid, n º 38, Entreplanta, 27002 Lugo (Lugo).

Price: 100€ VAT included.

Media Output

Among the matters entrusted to Inés Marcos, criminal and civil lawyer in Lugo, some have been published in the written press, as an example we show the following articles: being the result acquittal.

Success Stories

We attach minimum extracts in order to preserve the identity of our clients to the maximum, being fictitious names those that appear in those judgments, which due to their relevance are published in the judicial documentation center of the General Council of the Judiciary, and have been issued by Provincial Courts, for not extending, we do not attach cases of successes issued by Criminal, Civil and Preliminary Courts.

1.-) Judgment issued by Provincial Court of León, year 2018, where the Criminal and Civil Lawyer in Lugo demonstrated her legal knowledge.

Accused of: Alleged illegal sale of a computer. CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE. The analysis of reasonableness that relates evidence and the fact that is the object of the accusation is insufficient from the perspective of the requirements of the right to the presumption of innocence. Constitutional doctrine.


That we must uphold and we uphold the appeal filed by the representation of Mr. Daniel , against the sentence issued on June 2, 2017, by the Criminal Court No. 1 of DIRECCION000 , ….and we must revoke the sentence as far as the appellant is concerned, and we acquit the appellant Daniel of the continuous crime of fraud for which he was convicted in the instance, with all favorable pronouncements, and we declare ex officio the procedural costs that were imposed on him in the instance and those of this appeal.

) Judgment issued by the Provincial Court of Valladolid, year 2018, where the Criminal and Civil Lawyer in Lugo demonstrated her legal knowledge.

SCAM. Revocation of conviction. Non-payment of meals at a restaurant where the defendant had agreed that her employees would attend. Absence of antecedent deception. Civil default.


Upholding the appeal lodged by Marisol against the judgment handed down on 27.10.17 by Valladolid Magistrate’s Court No. 1, Valladolid, in Misdemeanor Trial No. 273/17, the same is revoked and, consequently, Marisol is acquitted. of the misdemeanor crime of fraud of which she had been accused with all the favorable pronouncements and absolving her of the payment of the costs in both instances.

3.-) Judgment issued by Provincial Court of Lugo, year 2019-Firmed by the Supreme Court, where the Criminal and Civil Lawyer in Lugo played a fundamental role.

Accused of: Forgery in commercial documents, FALSENESS IN COMMERCIAL DOCUMENTS. Acquittal. Absence of evidence. The mere manifestation of the experts of the two insurance companies in the sense of affirming that the mechanics of the accident narrated, did not coincide according to their opinion, neither with the heights nor its intensity, lacks all evidentiary support, Absolution. Absence of proof of the concurrence of the elements of the type. Likewise, the injuries claimed by one of the defendants depend directly on the mechanics of the accident, as stated by both defendants.


That we must absolve and we freely absolve Mrs. Montserrat and Mr. Francisco, of the crime of forgery in a commercial document in medial competition with a crime of procedural fraud in degree of attempt, of which they had been accused.

Likewise, the costs of this trial are declared ex officio.

4 .-) JUDGMENT issued by the Provincial Court of Lugo year 2020- Final by the Supreme Court, with a criminal and civil lawyer in Lugo to advise and represent in legal cases.

Fraud crime, non-compliance with the execution of the work of renovation of a house. Generic elements. Deceptive conduct. Non-existence of a crime. — Generic elements. Fraud and breach of contract. Relationship. Distinction. Civil malice and criminal malice.


That we must and do acquit xxxx and xxxx , of the crime of swindling of which they were accused, declaring ex officio the procedural costs.

5.-) Judgment issued by the Provincial Court of León, year 2020 in which the competence of the criminal and civil lawyer in Lugo to represent and defend the interests of her clients is highlighted.

In this case, after a conviction in the first instance, a mistrial was obtained.
nullity of the trial,
with subsequent holding and acquittal.

Result: Nullity of the conviction and Nullity of the trial held.


6.-) Judgment issued by the Provincial Court of León, year 2022, in which the commitment and experience of the criminal and civil lawyer in Lugo was highlighted.

Accused of: Misappropriation – fraud.


That, ESTIMOS the appeal filed by Ms. María Elena Carretón Pérez, in the name and on behalf of Ms. XXXXXXX, against the Judgment dated July 29, 2021, issued by the Criminal Court No. X of León……, REVOKING the resolution in its entirety, it is ABSOLVES a Dª. XXXXXX of the crime of fraud for which she was charged, with the costs of the appeal and of the instance being declared ex officio.